5 one-time switches to save the planet

You may be passionate about saving the planet and lowering your environmental impact. It’s highly likely seeing as you are reading this! However, it can be so easy to have good intentions, but never do anything about it. I have come up with 5 one-time switches that you can make today, that will lower your environmental impact today!

Reusable cloth bags. These are super cheap to buy, and better for the planet! If you want to save waste every time you shop, purchase some cloth shopping bags. They are superior to plastic, as they won’t break so easily, and will last much longer. When they do eventually break, they are simple to fix, and are fully biodegradable.

Handkerchiefs. It is estimated that we get through 28000 tissues in a lifetime. I’m sure I get through more than that with hay fever, colds, and allergies! All of these get thrown in the rubbish bin. Switching to handkerchiefs is an easy way to eliminate all of this waste. I know for us, this has hands down been the most effective switch we have made. Our rubbish bins are noticeably more empty! We bought 10 handkerchiefs for around £5.50 on eBay.

Kitchen cloths. Paper kitchen roll is so easy to get through, what with cooking three meals a day, and conquering various spillages and cleaning tasks. Switching to kitchen cloths saves on all of that waste. You can even get some with rather fun prints on, so your kitchen will look awesome.

Say no to straws. When you go out for drinks with friends, or even hosting a children’s birthday party, leave the straws behind. They create unnecessary waste, and they won’t be missed! If you have to have straws, consider buying reusable ones like these metal straws.

Bring your own water bottle. Plastic water bottles are a nightmare! Not only are they not good for you, as they can leach harmful BPA into your water, they are very wasteful, and expensive too! Buy your own glass or metal water bottle and enjoy fresh water wherever you go. I am never far away from my glass water bottle. It was pricey, but I love it! You can definitely get cheaper options though. Do some research into it and comment down below with your findings! And incase you are interested, here is where you can get my water bottle.

So there you go! 5 easy one-time switches you can make right now that will lower your impact on the environment, and help you to live a sustainable life every day! I would love to hear from you. have you tried any of these tips? Got any of your own? Comment on this post!

Meet Simon and Jo

As a newly married couple, we were keen to settle into married life and hit the ground running! We both have big dreams and aspirations, and long to make a difference in the world. We started married life when Jo moved into Simon’s two bedroom flat in Twickenham… well… Jo and all her stuff..!

After 6 months in Twickenham, we had 10 days to pack our lives up and move to Durham, so we threw all of our possessions into a van and drove for 6 hours to our new 3 bedroom house. Like most people, our collection of things began to grow to fill our big house, and so did our feeling of discontentment. We could NEVER manage to keep our house neat and tidy. Stuff seemed to be everywhere all of the time! We also struggled to keep organised, and often felt overwhelmed with daily life, let alone stressful jobs, and mountains of rubbish piling up outside our front door each week. Something had to change!

It was completely by chance that Jo stumbled across the Zero Waste Lifestyle by watching this video about a woman who produced no rubbish. ‘I wish my life could be that simple!’ She thought! And it was really from that point onwards that Simon and Jo began really thinking about how they could look after the planet.