Meet Simon and Jo

As a newly married couple, we were keen to settle into married life and hit the ground running! We both have big dreams and aspirations, and long to make a difference in the world. We started married life when Jo moved into Simon’s two bedroom flat in Twickenham… well… Jo and all her stuff..!

After 6 months in Twickenham, we had 10 days to pack our lives up and move to Durham, so we threw all of our possessions into a van and drove for 6 hours to our new 3 bedroom house. Like most people, our collection of things began to grow to fill our big house, and so did our feeling of discontentment. We could NEVER manage to keep our house neat and tidy. Stuff seemed to be everywhere all of the time! We also struggled to keep organised, and often felt overwhelmed with daily life, let alone stressful jobs, and mountains of rubbish piling up outside our front door each week. Something had to change!

It was completely by chance that Jo stumbled across the Zero Waste Lifestyle by watching this video¬†about a woman who produced no rubbish. ‘I wish my life could be that simple!’ She thought! And it was really from that point onwards that Simon and Jo began really thinking about how they could look after the planet.


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