Review: Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

We came across who gives a crap through a recommendation from the Green christian group. On first inspection a huge plus was that they give away 50% of their profits to help build toilets. Over 2.3 billion people (thats about 40% of the world) do not have access to proper sanitation, this leads to all kinds of preventable illnesses and deaths amongst children. Clean water and proper sanitation is the most basic of all human needs, so this was a huge plus for us before we even considered issues of sustainability and the product itself. We really dig companies who care about people and the planet.


As you can see it all comes in a cardboard box, each roll is individually wrapped in paper, no plastic to be seen anywhere here! This is a massive plus in regard to our aspirations to live a zero waste lifestyle with the bare minimum of plastic. The rolls themselves are made of recycled paper, no trees are cut down to produce these, a massive plus for sustainability. There is also no inks, scents, dyes or any other nasty chemicals added to the paper, which is important to us, chemicals are something we want to avoid. So far, this seems a pretty perfect product, no plastic, made from recycled materials and no chemicals. And if thats not enough buying this stuff is helping those in need providing them with proper sanitation. We were pretty sold before we tried it. But is it any good?

We’ve been using this loo roll for about 4 months now and we’ve been very happy with it. The unused rolls look rather attractive on the shelf and there’s some nice humour in the packaging. In use, the loo roll is soft and absorbent and does what you expect it to. It’s not quite as soft as the fancy andrex type loo rolls with all their fancy toilet roll tech, but its not as rough as the cheap stuff. It’s a solid dependable adequately soft mid range toilet paper. Only criticism we can offer is that sometimes the sheets don’t neatly tear leaving a  little dangly bit of paper. It’s no biggie but a little annoying.


In terms of price you’re best off buying in bulk, we paid £36 for 48 double length rolls, this works out as 13.5p per 100 sheets. For comparisons sake Tesco’s cheapest loo roll is 11p per 100 sheets, Andrex’s all singing all dancing loo roll is 35p per 100 sheets. So its actually very reasonable. There is a higher initial cost due to buying in bulk which is not for everyone. They also offer a 100% bamboo roll which we would expect to be softer at 22.5p per 100 sheets, we’re all for bamboo being more widely used, but the cheaper recycled paper is more than adequate for our needs.

loo roll comparison

All in all we wanted so much to like this product it would have been pretty awful for us not to have liked it. We have been very pleased with it as a toilet roll, and it sits so well with our consciences too, for its sustainability and ethics.

If you want to try it, use our link to get £5 off your first order, and tell us what you think of it!


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