Welcome to The Simple Life Community!

What is The Simple Life Community?

We are a community that aims to look after our planet with making simple changes to our lifestyles that can make a big difference to the environment, and our quality of life!

We have a stack of resources to help you live sustainably which we would love you to browse. To read all our latest blog posts on a huge variety of simple living topics, visit our blog.

We also have a facebook page where we have a great community of people who encourage each other on this journey to live a simple life.

Ultimately, we are here to equip YOU to live a better quality of life, feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and in doing so, help the environment too! It really is a win win situation. We hope you enjoy our website and resources.

Who are we?

Good to meet you! We are Simon and Jo, the people behind The Simple Life Community. We both have a passion for saving the planet through living sustainable lives, and we are excited to have you come along on this journey with us. We met as teenagers, and married in 2014, and that is really where our adventure began with learning about living sustainable, simple lives. We learned that by doing simple changes to our every day lives we could better look after the planet, feel less stressed, and feel more fulfilled. We quickly became hooked on this way of life and were keen to share what we learned with others, and journey alongside other people craving more simplicity in this frantic 21st century world that we live in. To read more about us and our story, click here.