Here we are going to try and document resources, products we’ve tried, ethical places to shop all that good stuff all in one place for reference! It will grow as time goes on. Here goes.

Resources/Guides this is a fantastic place to start and an essential guide to almost everything. various companies are rated on their ethics with a breakdown of different areas, essential for informed shopping and buying. Our first stop for any purchasing decision. a search engine that plants trees!! Set is up as your default on your devices. A great blog from a london based student studying sustainable resources. Yes Pinterest! It’s full of recipes for making your own cleaning products, toiletries, just about anything, we have several boards setup for storing ideas and recipes. send them your polythene for recycling! basically any plastic packaging that stretches, mail bags, plastic bags, that kinda thing. Make sure to recycle your phone once you’re done with it!

Send your used guitar and bass strings to these guys for recycling into new strings. Crown Lane Studio 8b Crown Lane Morden SM4 5BL

Places to Shop these guys stock tons of stuff, a great one stop shop for almost anything you might need. If this all feels a bit overwhelming try having a look here as its a bit more manageable! specialise in non plastic just about everything! Some lovely bamboo items to be found here. online shop committed to zero waste, limited product range but some nice stuff.